New Year, Same Old Me!!

I’m seeing the slogan ‘New Year, New Me’ everywhere today. It’s by people talking about turning over a new leaf and making positive changes and by people moaning about people claiming to be turning over a new leaf and making changes today!

I’ve never understood the need to wait for a specific date to make positive life changes but if it helps people prepare and helps them identify ways in which they could change their health for the better then it can’t be a bad thing.

But for me its not New year, new me, it’s a new year but I’m still old and broken and I will spend 2020 continuing to implement the same damage control I was implementing for the second half of 2019.

What today represents for me is the end of my festive break from healthy living and an influx of enquiries from potential new students that want to make healthy changes to their life and try new things in 2020.

What I have decided to do though is try to be more positive about my self and to try and regain some of the confidence I’ve lost in the last few years. The first step I’m taking is to try and reaffirm the knowledge I have of diet and exercise. I’ve offered to work with two students (for free) for the next six weeks on trying to implement the healthy living changes they want to make and Sean (my partner) and Lorna (my daughter) are jumping on board for the ride.

They all have different goals and motivations and I am going to be documenting the steps we’re taking as we go and will be explaining how I have come up with the calorie requirements for each person and posting some of the workouts I’m setting for them etc. .  and anyone who wants to, is welcome to follow along to and hopefully succeed in making positive changes to their health and lifestyle during 2020. 🙂

The first step we will be taking as a group is to make a list of of our goals! Both long term and short term. And alongside those goals, to write the reason why they want to achieve them and how you think they will benefit your life. When I’m struggling to stick to meal plans or get up and train, it isn’t the goal itself that motivates me to keep going, it’s the reasons why I want to achieve them that help me get up and get on. So I think it’s really important to understand why you want to make changes and to understand how particular actions will help achieve those goals and how you will benefit long term. These goals and reasons will help to keep you motivated when your will power is wavering!

Additional to that I will be spending at least half hour with each of them taking starting photos and statistics. I didn’t bother taking starting photos and I really regret it. My body shape has changed so much more than the scales have over the last 5 months and really regret not having the photos to show that. 

So the starting photos will be from front, side and back. If you’re unhappy asking anyone to help with taking photos of you half dressed, then the best way to get them is to video yourself in all three positions and then screen shot each pose after. The photos are for your own benefit, no one else has to see them. But they will help you see changes sooner. And it’s seeing changes that really helps with motivation.

The statistics I will taking are as follows:
Body fat percentage
Chest, waist, hip, upper arm and thigh measurements.

If any students want me to do their body fat percentage then let me know, and I’ll bring the callipers to class.

I’m really excited to get started and seeing everyone’s progress.

Happy new year everyone!!!!

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I'm a 40 year old aerial arts and pole dance instructor who has recently been diagnosed with Graves' Disease

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