Freestyle Fitness – Back To Basics Challenge (Week 1)

So the first week of the Freestyle Fitness Back to Basics Challenge is over and some of the entries have been great.

Our back to basics challenge involves us posting a basic pole or aerial move each month and students posting a 20 second combination including that move on either Instagram or Facebook. The combination can be as easy or as advanced as they want.

Everyone is more than welcome to still post 20 second combos including the week 1 moves and this is a run down of the moves included last week…

The purpose of this challenge is to encourage our students to revisit a lot of the basic moves and to use them to compliment some of the more advanced tricks and transitions they have been working on.

We have some fantastic prizes from some amazing sponsors for our December challenge. Pink Giraffe Pole Wear, Creative Movement Photography, Freestyle Fitness and Easyflexibility are all providing prizes.

Published by aerialemma

I'm a 40 year old aerial arts and pole dance instructor who has recently been diagnosed with Graves' Disease

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