Medical Experiments!!

I’ve done a lot of reading on Graves’ disease and the treatment of it since being diagnosed, and one of the things that confuses me is the fact that all current treatment focuses on the effect rather than the cause.

The current treatment choices available are antithyroid medication to surpress the thyroid, Radioactive Iodine treatment to destroy the thyroid, or a thyroidectomy to remove the thyroid.

Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disease but none of the treatment options available actually target the antibodies responsible. They all target a perfectly functioning thyroid. I’ve been really unhappy on the antithyroid medication. So far we just haven’t managed to get the dosage right, and my thyroid is swinging from hyper to hypo at a rediculous rate. I don’t really want to destroy or remove my thyroid either. The idea of hyperthyroidism being substituted for hypothyroidism and having to go through the fun and games of getting the dosage of the replacement thyroid hormones right instead, currently isn’t looking appealing either.

So I did a search and have found this study…

I’m aware it’s a risk and that the drug may not work, But it makes sense to me to be trying to find a drug that targets the actual cause. And this clinical trial is testing a drug that does just that. It targets the antibodies that are causing the problem.

The study is in its early stages, and the test dosage is currently so small that even if it works, it probably isn’t going to help me much anytime soon, but I want to take part anyway. I want to be involved in the study to try and find a more effective method to treat Graves’ disease. So today I’m on route for the pre-assessment.

Waiting for my train to Manchester!! A little bit nervous but excited to.

The tests for the pre-assessment today are more thorough than all the tests and investigations I’ve had in the last four years put together. The assessment will check my heart, my lungs, my liver, my kidneys, my thyroid levels, levels of various antibodies, if I have any infections, and the one I’m most interested in, my eyes.

Since I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in June I have been complaining to my GP and endocrinologist that my eyes hurt. My vision goes blurry, and that I’m concerned about thyroid eye disease. I’m currently still waiting to be referred to an ophthalmologist, so the fact they will be looking at my eyes today is a relief in itself.

I’m really hoping I will be suitable to take part in the medical trial but if not I’m also looking forward to getting a full check up and knowing exactly what’s going on in my body!!!

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I'm a 40 year old aerial arts and pole dance instructor who has recently been diagnosed with Graves' Disease

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