Freestyle Fitness Student Flexibility Challenge – Week 1

This challenge has come about purely because my aerial and pole students keep vocalising how unhappy they are with their current flexibility levels but very few actually come to stretch class. So I’m setting mini sessions for them to do each week at home, in their own time.

Back and shoulder stretching is my favourite. I’ve really started to enjoy it and the progress I have made has been surprising.

I usually spend about an hour on back and shoulder flexibility, but I didn’t think students would do it if I set sessions that long at home, so I have condensed what I do to about twenty minutes, in the hope that a few will give it a go.

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Week 1 Freestyle Fitness Flexibility challenge – FOR FREESTYLE FITNESS STUDENTS AND OPTIMUM MEMBERS ONLY For students to be in with a chance of winning: a 'I bend so I dont break' t-shirt from @aerial_apparel A photoshoot of your choice with @creativemovementphotography And a FREE months membership with Freestyle Fitness or Optimum Martial Arts you need to like and follow all challenge posts (there will only be one per week), do each challenge at least once each week. Although the idea is to do them more frequently in general and improve flexibility long term. I'm not an expert at this but these are some of the exercises and stretches I do when I'm doing an upper body mobility session. I usually spend about an hour but I've try to cut it down to about 20 minutes. On top of these I also do the Easyflexibility back bend exercises and a few more active flexibility exercises that we include in stretch class on Wednesday evenings. Make sure you warm up properly first!!!! I do these as mini circuits but if any of it doesn't make sense then ask in class. Circuit 1 – performed in its entirety 3 times. •Overhead pullover x 10 •Shoulder circles with band x 10 •Back extensions x 10 Circuit 2 – repeated three times. •Wall down dog – 15-30 seconds •Puppy pose – 15-30 seconds •Cobra – 15 – 30 seconds Circuit 3 – repeated three times •Active cobra stretches – hold for ten seconds actively then use hands to push further. Repeat three times. •Camel pose – 15-30 seconds •Bridge – 15-30seconds. I then do a wheel pose (crab) three times. 🙂 You don't have to video and post the full session. Just the wheel pose at the end or a couple of the stretches. 🙂 #wheelpose #progressnotperfection #yogachallenge #easyflexibility #stretching #flexibility #bridgeprogression #backbend #shoulderworkout #fitnessat40 #40yearsold #fitat40 #fitnessjourney #roadtofitness

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Week 1 of our student challenge can be found here!
Disclaimer: As an affiliate of Easyflexibility, I will receive commission if you click this link and make a purchase.

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